VIDEO: Mexico City, Mexico 4K Aerial Drone Footage

Mexico City, Mexico 4K Aerial Drone Footage!

Last month I visited Mexico City for the very first time! Along with my DJI Mavic Pro drone I grabbed a few extraordinary aerial drone footage during my five days there!

I flew the neighborhood I stayed in I even flew it around neighborhoods to my own drone around Condesa. There were numerous beautiful beaches and the views are mad!  Because I think it’s the drone available on the marketplace for traveling enthusiast, traveling vlogger or anyone traveling blogger, I travel with all the DJI Mavic Pro within my journeys. You should get exactly the DJI Mavic Guru if you wish to create awesome traveling videos. It is easy and light to keep in your back pack it gets some epic aerial 4k drone footage! If you like this movie please give me a thumbs up, make me a comment here and join to my YouTube channel!