Mini Guide into Symi Island

You may be wondering where to go, if you are planning on traveling to the Greece this summer. Greece has kilometers of shoreline and over 1,200 islands. Due to growing media coverage, Santorini and Mykonos appear to be appreciating the majority of Greek Coast tourism, however in the event that you’re able to get the pictures of whitewashed villages and blue shutters from your head, you may realize that there are numerous other Greek islands worthy of the precious vacation time. Rhodes, specifically, is modest enough to conquer by car, although large enough to hold your interest for several days.

Welcome to Symi!


Rhodes has award-winning gastronomy, towns , gorgeous beaches, and also a significant airport, which makes it easy to fly there from Athens or Thessaloniki airports.

How to Get There

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Mini Guide into Symi Island

Getting Around Symi

Luckily Rhodes enjoys a close proximity to Symi Island, which can be reached by ferry in Mandraki Harbor in Rhodes Old Town. You will be greeted by numerous excellent fishing boats bobbing in the harbor and an expanse of island homes extending up the hillside, upon coming Symi port. Gialos is the major harbor on Symi and the island’s capital. From here it is easy to rent a scooter for the day, and it is the ideal way to find the island’s websites! Buy yourself a natural sea sponge if you’re seeking a regionally souvenir. Symi’s fishermen have been widely respected for centuries as a few of the most brave sponge sailors of the Aegean!


The 15th century monastery of the village of Panormitis is one of the island’s major attractions. The monastery is committed to Symi’s patron saint. Many ships will stop over into Gialos for an hour or so in their way, which makes it a part of your day excursion.

Mini Guide into Symi Island


Situated on the hill is the village of Chorio. Those who don’t want to enlist a scooter for the day will need to compete with all the”Kali Strata”, a lengthy stepped-street leading up to the village. Regardless, the slope is gentle and the steps are spaced. The top can be achieved in 15 minutes. Chorio’s roads sprinkled with herb vendors are narrow, and lined with dwellings. The 19th century apothecary is one of the city’s highlights. It’s located close to the peak of the village, in which you will secure the finest views of the city and the harbor.

If beaches are the things you seek, then head over to the small coastal village of Pedi. There are several of welcoming tavernas, and a couple options for accommodations. If you want secluded relaxation, off the grid and away from fellow tourists, then head to the Marathounda Bay. It’s found 45 minutes away from the harbor on scooter, and is one of Symi’s best kept secrets. There is nothing in Marathounda except for crystalline waters and an exceptional natural background, so be sure to bring whatever you’re going to need, such as sunscreen, water and a towel.

Mini Guide into Symi Island

Round trip tickets are the most logical, as it is exactly the exact same cost for next-day and equal time yields. If you would like to stay the night on Symi, make clear of your intentions. There are two sorts of ferry that service Symi; passenger-vehicle and passenger-only. The passenger-only ferry (advocated ) takes approximately one hour and ten minutes. During high season (March through October) there’s a daily ferry service to Symi and back. You may need to visit the ferry ticket office in Mandraki Harbor to buy your tickets if the site doesn’t let you pay online. All tickets are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Mini Guide into Symi Island

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We recommend the brand new Jimmy’s Rent a Moto shop (+30 22460 72110/ in Gialos. They’ve a vast selection of a good security record and also scooters. Helmets and gas have been included in the price.

As a result of its dimensions, Symi has a limited amount of restaurants. Most them are clustered in and around Gialos. Manos Fish Tavern is hands-down the most famous restaurant in Symi, with an superb reputation for a friendly vibe and superb fresh seafood. Frequented by numerous renowned figures during the years (Prime Ministers, actors, royalty), Manos Fish Tavern specializes in grilled fish and mixed seafood platters. For group reservations contact the restaurant directly.

Other recommended restaurants in Symi comprise Aris Taverna (next door to Manos Fish Tavern), and Muses (Gialos, supporting the bridge; only available for dinner). The Olive Tree Café can be also a good place for lunch or breakfast. It’s located top of the Kali Strata above the SymiDream picture gallery and below the Taverna of Georgio.

Odyssia Apartments offer beautiful water views, amenities that are contemporary, and are located only a five-minute walk to a walk and the vent . Each flat is equipped with air conditioning, a kitchen, satellite television , and veranda. Prices vary from $50 to 90 per night (double occupancy). Hotel Aliki is yet another alternative for those desiring a more boutique hotel experience. The offers four area types, each having a different perspective, in addition to high-speed internet, and turndown services. The hotel has a sun terrace facing free link and the ocean. The construction dates back to 1895, however, has been remodeled in 2000. Costs vary between $60 to 200 per night (double occupancy).

Mini Guide into Symi Island

Maybe you have been around Symi, or want to go? We’d really like to hear in adventures and your top recommendations. Leave us a comment below!

Mini Guide into Symi Island